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MOTION VISUAL is a production, marketing and communications group of experts, highly skilled in the inner workings of writing, computer production and design, television, print, new media, public speaking, liaison with clients and many other areas. We have won numerous prestigious awards and we have decades of hands-on experience in all elements of communications. We have worked with companies all over North America with marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns.

MotionVisual helps business clients achieve commercial success through use of leading edge internet production technologies and visual media while utilizing solid practices of public relations and marketing.  See our client list. Richard Hersley, managing director, has over 30 years in professional television and media.

RICHARD HERSLEY – Manager of Production, marketing and communications.
Richard is a production manager and marketing and communications expert highly skilled in the inner workings of writing, computer production and design, television, print, new media, event coordination, public speaking, liaison with clients and many other areas. He has won many awards and has over 25 years of hands-on experience in all elements of running a production company, production, design and communications. Richard has worked with many companies to help them implement marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns.

Richard's specific skills include:
* teacher and leader – capable of guiding teams to success.
* social media guru.
* creative leadership with the ability to take criticism and advice.
* project management, including developing budgets and schedules.
* client liaison, including being the lead for some clients
* assistance preparing proposals and client documents
* administrative work
* expert ability to edit television and video projects and attend shoots
* expert website designer and manager
Critical skills:
* a creative mind and the skills to follow through with implementation
* ability to prioritize, multitask, manage complex workload under pressure
* detail oriented yet able to see the big picture
* strategic abilities and solid understanding of advertising and production
* strong management and leadership skills
* very strong communication skills
* fun, outgoing personality

In 1990 Richard formed Motion Visual Communications, a company designed to tackle all communications, project management and marketing tasks - from major television events to marketing for corporate venture . Through Motion Visual Richard has created work for Canadian and American companies and media sources and developed ongoing relationships with many areas of the public and private sectors. He has hired, supervised and trained staff, from novice to veteran, and, most importantly, he has helped companies to create the marketing and communications packages that are right for them.

A calm and personable team player very capable of taking on leadership roles and taking direction and criticism, Richard has the management, leadership and technical and creative skills to enhance any communications project or work environment.

RICHARD HERSLEY - Writer/Producer/Shooter/Editor - BODY OF WORK

MAKING TREATIES IN BC – GLOBAL TV Director / Shooter / Editor
(On understanding modern treaties)
WHOSE LAND IS THIS? – GLOBAL TV Co-Director / Shooter / Co-Editor
(on the native land question in BC)
NATIVE WOMEN: POLITICS – GLOBAL Director / Shooter / Editor
(on the changing roles of Native Women)
BEAT OF THE DRUM - 4 SIGHT – BCTV Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor
(profiling native musicians)
THE MEDICINE WHEEL - 4 SIGHT – BCTV Director / Editor / Shooter
(on native spirituality and ceremony)
ECHOES OF THE SISTERS - Knowledge Network Director / Shooter / Editor
(on breast cancer and native women)
CIRCLES OF LIFE – (SPACE) – (in production) Producer / Director / Writer
(on the meaning of the ancient stone circles in Canada)
BOUNDARIES – GLOBAL – (in production) Producer / Director / Writer
(the Indian "business" in Canada)

Aboriginal Rights (GLOBAL) – 3 programs Director/ Shooter / Editor
4 SIGHT (BCTV) – 4 programs Director / Shooter / Co-Writer
INDIGENI (GLOBAL) - pilot Director / Shooter / Story Editor
The Artist: SERIES (CKY) – 39 programs Editor / Writer / Director
GENERATION (Moffat) – 39 programs Producer / Director / Editor / Shooter
CONSUMER ADVICE (Moffat) – 52 programs Producer / Writer / Editor / Shooter


Homeless - The First United Church Mission - Writer/Director/Editor
The First United Church Mission - 5 multimedia segments - Writer/Director/Editor
Eureka Vacuums - National Commercial - Producer/Director
Commonwealth Enterprises - various corporate videos - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Envirocoatings Canada - 10 corporate videos - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Envirocoatings Canada - Series of short corporate videos - Writer/Director/Editor
Envirocoatings Canada - Series of "How To" videos for the web - Writer/Director/Editor
United Church of Canada - corporate video - Producer/Director/Editor
Larrea Corp. - Various corporate video - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Another Sunday Run - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Dolphins Resort - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Multimedia Production - Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Ann Taylor Promo - Co-Director/Co-Editor - 60 short programs for the web - Writer/Producer/Director




Hi Richard, I just wanted to thank you for all your patience, speed, and fabulous work on the website. It has been great working with you and likely will be working with you again in the future at our next symposium.
Many thanks,
Linda - Vancouver Coastal Health

FIRST UNITED CHURCH MISSION - The Reverend Rose~Hannah Gaskin
I have worked with Richard Hersley over the past nine months in the process of producing a DVD describing our work at First United Church Mission. I found Richard to be patient, perceptive and enthusiastic. He was very good at helping me understand the process of translating the reality of our ministry first into conversation and eventually into the medium of a DVD. I particularly appreciated his easy manner of keeping the project on track in terms of a time frame we had agreed upon. He is approachable, has great communication skills and is good with a diverse group of people. He is able to put those on camera at ease and empower them to speak their views in an atmosphere of support. It has been a privilege to work with Richard and I would certainly do so again if the opportunity presented itself.
Rose~Hannah Gaskin - First United Church

Just started to look at it (the website). Congratulations! No author has come close to presenting anything as effective as this for advance information and publicity. A breakthrough. I always think the publicity information should be developed and written before the book is written and printed so that the author is writing to a considered position. Glyn / Narita
Peter Glyn and Jean Morris - Dalton Watson Fine Books


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